E-Mail Stress-Reduction

Do you dream of an empty e-mail inbox in the evening? Not everything done but well organized? Having things under control? Getting 1h extra time per week by good organization? Having less stress? More family time?

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In 1991 I started out in the consulting business charging per day, a daily rate

“Do the right thing, the right way, and actually do it.” This slogan was passed on to me by Sam Brunner. Sam is an exceptionally gifted management consultant with a wide range of clients. Passionate. Analytical. Tough. And fully booked. I first met him in 1992 during my first serious crisis as a consulting start-up. One year earlier, when I was 28 years old, I quit my very well-payed position as a senior financial analyst at a renowned Swiss private bank and started my own company as a financial consultant. It was time to bring an independent voice for evaluating private equity and stock investments to the market.

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