Business Tipps & Know-How for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Business Tipps and Know-How for Entrepreneurs & Professionals
by Andreas Buenter, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur since 1991

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5 Local Small Business Marketing Tips

It’s extremely likely customers are searching for your small business online. Are you there for them, or are you nowhere to be found?

If the answer is the latter, you’re in trouble. When customers are on the go, they expect to be able to do a quick internet search to find a business, check store hours, find a business phone number or website, and read reviews.

According to a Go-Globe survey, 87% of smartphone owners do at least one web search every day. Additionally, 50% of consumers searching for local businesses on their smartphones end up visiting a physical store within one day.

Local small business marketing involves several major tactics that will help boost your presence on the web and make it easy for customers to find you right when they need you.

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