Organizational consultancy

for more efficiency, higher profitability, to handle new tasks, solve conflict situations, for a better self-organization, the more effective use of existing software & tools   

Which project would like to realize? My name is Andreas Bünter, I am here with my team nearby Zurich, Switzerland. Since my first start-up in 1991 I love to help people and firms to improve their organization to quickly achieve a better quality of life in business and private.

With my work, I create the conditions for you to improve the efficiency and effectivity of the organization, to handle new tasks or to resolve conflict situations. I promote a sustainable self-organization, the optimal use of existing resources (including software & tools), the motivation of employees and the flexibility in dealing with new market requirements. For example, with digitization. In doing so, we accomplish a balancing act between changes to be made and the stability required for a functioning organization.

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I would like to understand, where you see yourself and your business in one year from now. Having this input we can decide whether it makes sense to work together. Whether I can help you. To achieve a next level, we need to be cristal clear that it is also about change management.  

Best regards, Andreas Buenter

Swiss Entrepreneur since 1991
Best-Selling Co-Author with Brian Tracey