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We help coaches to start on their own and to scale online in the mega-market business, health or relationships. 

Portrait Andreas Buenter


Andreas Buenter is serial-startup and business owner, consultant, author. He helps his clients to get a strong competitive position. Born in Switzerland as a son of a mecanical engineer and insurance clerk he has always been interested in figures, processes and how business works. 

Andreas started his career with an aprenticeship in retail banking in Lucern, continuing with leadership positions in investment banking, consulting & as BOD member. He loves to build businesses. In 1991 he started his first consulting firm focused on independent research and company analysis for international B2B and B2C clients. More than 3.000 research reports covering more than 20 sectors crossed his table in 8 years. He sold the business in 1997/2000 before the dot.com bubble burst.  

Today his business hub is Buenter Management Ltd., a consulting firm located nearby Zurich. The company is licensee / franchisee of Expense Reduction Analysts (DACH) GmbH, where Andreas is Senior Partner. In this franchise he is multi-year winner of Gold Award for outstanding achievments, and winner of Top Performer Award in DACH region. He is also member of DUCT Tape Marketing Consulting network. In 2016 Andreas was Amazon Best Selling Co-Author with Brian Tracy, the consulting legend.

Andreas speaks Swiss German, German, French, English. He holds a commercial business diploma and aquired during his professional career a diploma as Economist, the Swiss Federal Diploma as Financial Analyst & Asset Manager and is CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst).  


28 Years Of Entrepreneurial Experience

The skills are not only based on academic studies but also on experience gained from various startups and consulting mandates. The knowledge grows through working together with international entrepreneurs and masterminds.





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