No business turnaround medication without analysis and enforced implementation

My vision is to serve consulting solo-preneurs all over the world as a problem solving business doctor. My school offers these services for a monthly flat fee, depending on options choosen by you. That’s why my approach is quite unique in the online consulting world: Most of the gurus want to sell you another a course, teaching, etc. to solve a problem. But, wait a second – are you sure this is the most pressing issue you should recover from? They pitch you a solution for a situation they most probably do not understand at all. Your situation, your strength and weaknesses. I want to enable you to improve by first of all providing you a free review of your situation and after a professional analysis, some options you can choose from to be implemented. And that’s just the beginning.  

In case you choose options to implement, you must book my schools support and maintenance services for a predefined period and a monthly flat fee depending on your choice. Only this secures your success. Academic research shows, that <50% of all strategies chosen fail in implementation. All for you is step-by-step executable and – in case you need extra resources – done-for-you-services. You access best-quality experts to transform your business and life.

These are some typical situations of our customers we have helped: That’s what you charge?

  • You can’t do it without long hours? And work through weekends?
  • Have you tried this and that – your efforts go lost in tactical hell?
  • Everything has to get cheaper – but how?
  • More clients needed – but systematically and profitable?
  • No vacation this year, again?
  • Business growth is slow and damages your self-confidence?
  • Whole life is a roller coaster ride?


My school is not at all a traditional strategy and implementation consultant. Our approach is to enable you to improve providing executable advice, coaching and – in case you need extra resources – done-for-you-services. We access best-quality experts to transform your business.

Based on an initial free assessment, you can choose the form of delivery: Online-mini courses (via e-mail/video lesson) or individual coaching, all for a monthly flat fee. If you want, done-for-you-services pre-defined and delivered for a flat fee.

Please Order Here a Free Quick Assessment of Your Situation. Give rating with a scale of 1-4 (never – best strategy) and Get An Analysis and Options to Choose from to Get Your Turnaround:

What has worked in your professional services market to generate leads which convert into first personal meetings?

  • Direct Access (Writing Letters, E-Mail, Cold Calling)
  • Networking (Attending networking events, exhibitions, etc.)
  • Referrals, Word-of-Mouth
  • Advertising in local press
  • Social marketing with blogs, building an e-mail list
  • Waiting for the phone to ring

Which strategy would you like to use in the next 6 weeks as to quickly generate leads to sell them a first personal meeting? (rank in order)

  1. Direct contact and follow up with a personal call as to get super-fast feedback from the target group and to learn what contact and conversion rates you have to budget with
  2. Networking at professional events as to making your name better known in target group
  3. Public speaking as to generate leads for organisations hungry to provide their members valuable stuff
  4. Social marketing with blogs as to build an e-mail list in the places where your targets are
  5. Advertising in local press as to get calls where your prospects will look at

Where do you feel the most urgent need to get your sales cycle in motion?

  1. Generating more leads as to have a base of contacts to be converted into first meetings
  2. Follow-up leads and your own network as to nuture them with relevant content
  3. Have more personal meetings as to start dialogues about prospects situation, needs
  4. Have enough and good quality offers with prospects as to convert more proposals to deals
  5. Getting more referrals from network, existing clients  as to ease your effort in cold acquisition

What are you missing?

  1. I am not sure what marketing material I need!
  2. I am not sure which prospects to approach, what to look for?
  3. I don’t know how to network effectively
  4. I am not sure what to say on a cold call to get the meeting!
  5. I feel uncomfortable in the first meeting how to gather the relevant information and secure the next step with the prospect to continue with the talk