Implementation is the core of success. These are some typical situations of our customers I have helped:

  • That’s what you charge?
  • You can’t do it without long hours? And work through weekends?
  • Have you tried this and that – your efforts go lost in tactical hell?
  • Everything has to get cheaper – but how?
  • More clients needed – but systematically and profitable?
  • No vacation this year, again?
  • Business Growth is slow and damages your self-confidence?
  • Whole life is a roller coaster ride?
  • You want to buy a Franchise, but the right one

I am not at all a traditional strategy consultant. My approach is to enable you to improve providing executable advice, coaching and – in case you need extra resources – done-for-you-services. It is about implementation to transform your business and life.

Based on an initial free assessment you can choose Options to be implemented with you. And you choose the form of delivery: Individual coaching, all for a pre-agreed monthly flat fee OR online- courses delivered by my school If you want, you can book done-for-you-services if you want to gain time and speed, delivered for a pre-defined monthly flat fee.