Inspiration and Actionable Input to Turnaround Your Business as Consultant, Coach, Entrepreneur & Self-Employed Professional to Get a Stream of Profitable Clients You Deserve.

  • Do you suffer from cash flow problems?
  • You can’t do it without long hours? And you are working through weekends?
  • Are you fed-up from customers going to competition?
  • You have tried this and that – but your marketing got lost in tactical hell?
  • No vacation this year, again?
  • Business growth is slow and damages your self-confidence?
  • Whole life feels like a roller coaster ride?

Most people neglect that even small improvements in cost management & the marketing & sales strategy & activities have a big impact on sales growth and profitability of any business. The magic word is Conversion. The secret sauce is how to convert more marketing & sales activities into 1:1 meetings? How to get more invitations to submit an offer? How to convert these into a deal? At what price? I deliver you insights based on best-practice and academic research.

My name is Andreas Buenter, I am Swiss citizen, Best-Selling Author and work globally.      Why I do it Growing up in Switzerland, I was always interested in numbers, and how businesses work. With increasing success of my own 6digit consulting business, and temporarily large setbacks, the demands on marketing & sales, leadership, people and financial management, steadily increased. Small and medium-size companies, entrepreneurs are the back-bone of all economies. I love to help, optimize, restructure to turnaround.            Certifications & Languages I am fluent in German, English, French, and Swiss-German. I am a qualified bank officer, studied further after business hours to become a business economist, certified financial analyst and asset manager as well as CIIA (certified international investment analyst). I work also as an accredited sales coach and developed the “9step Sales Process” for consultants of Expense Reduction Analysts in Europe.         Prices Won Best-selling Author. Winner of 2013 Silver and 2014 & 2015 Gold Award for Outstanding Achievements in Sales & Client Management of Expense Reduction Analysts, a global specialist in purchasing and supplier management.     What Clients Say...

Celebrate the Best-Seller Status of 'Masters of Success' with me! It was great fun to write a chapter about Success - Co-Authoring with the legend Brian Tracey! Thank you team!

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or send me an e-mail the get my chapter "The Entrepreneurial Consultant" for Free. I am writing about how to develop a dialogue, pricing models to escape hourly rates, team management etc. 

Get actionable input on these challenges

  • how to use psychology in marketing to get more meetings with prospects and to avoid sales calls going dark
  • how to build the trust faster and shorten decisions time with the trusted advisor method applied daily
  • how to convert more meetings into engagements by stopping to sell and stopping to present but having control
  • what to write in offers that make the brain buy you
  • options to increase fees with alternative p-models
  • use follow-up automation to build your image as trustful and reliable advisor (85% of consultants don't do that)
  • what to look for in building a lead generation machine - the latest input from Guru's
  • short term restructuring to close cash leaks

Fed up seeing customers going to the competition?

As soon as we understand your situation, we may deliver you options for better targeting to reduce time-wasting activities, to find smarter ways to get in contact with cold prospects, have a solid objection handling - without feeling defensive.

And stable, systematic ways to stay in contact are most often needed. To be honest, this is the most obvious source of cash & opportunity losses in the consulting sector!

And much more is possible to get into the door before your competition closes the door.

Do Sales activities suddenly go cold?

As ambassadors of the Trusted Advisor Methodology you could reduce the numbers of meetings going dark by factors, shorten your sales process by weeks ,and get all you need to know without selling, without presenting.  This puts you in a much better emotional position in meetings.


That's how you can reduce costs in sales & marketing way before your sales efforts end up in dozens of excuses, why it did not happen this time and will improve in future.


That's what you charge?

The driving factor for better closing rates is your conversion ratio, measured as number initial meetings to engagement letters. But, what do you charge for all the benefits you offer? There are possibly some options available, avoiding price discussions.


Last but not least, hidden decision makers can still kill your sales process without letting you know. That's wy Selling Through and Beyond is the last 20% of sales call, and too often a neglected part.

*) Selling without Selling is about how to attract a profitable stream of clients much more effectively, using psychology in marketing & sales. It is about cracking the not-at-all-secret-code letting the brain saying 'no' to sales activities. Imagine yourself in a few weeks or months from now: You are one of the rare trusted advisors beeing called (yes, the phone is ringing). You are getting what you deserve as expert: being home for dinner, having more money to save for retirement, getting peace of mind because any meeting is stressless. OR are you already in a state of hating selling? Than you should act now. Send me a message with your biggest challenge now.

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