Most people neglect that even small improvements in costs, marketing & sales have a big impact on safety, profitability, business value - and last but not least on lifestyle. 

I love deliver expert insights based on best-practice and academic research mastering success in health, wealth & lifestyle. 

You are invited to find out more about the teams and brands serving daily needs of entrepreneurs and professionals! 


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Sincerly yours, Andreas Buenter

Best-Selling Author, Business Development Expert

Expense Reduction Analysts

A lot of mid-sized firms to get extra financial freedom by reducing indirect spent above and beyond what has been achieved internally.


Here, Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Professionals get experts help to turnaround their businesses, to achieve what they deserve.


Growing up in Switzerland I was always interested how business work. It is my passion to serve entrepreneurs and Mittelstand to achieve a new level of success. 

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