Even small improvements have a big impact on your sales growth and profitability...

Get more meetings with prospects
by selling without selling

Build the trust in a faster way
by presenting without presenting

Write offers that sell
with benefits-based-pricing way beyond hourly- and daily rates

In case you want to improve these levers, contact me for a discrete quick situation analysis from top-down:
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Fed up seeing customers going to the competition?

As soon as we understand your situation, we may deliver you options for better targeting to reduce time-wasting activities, to find smarter ways to get in contact with cold prospects, have a solid objection handling - without feeling defensive.

And stable, systematic ways to stay in contact are most often needed. To be honest, this is the most obvious source of cash & opportunity losses in the consulting sector!

And much more is possible to get into the door before your competition closes the door.

Do Sales activities suddenly go cold?

As ambassadors of the Trusted Advisor Methodology you could reduce the numbers of meetings going dark by factors, shorten your sales process by weeks ,and get all you need to know without selling, without presenting.  This puts you in a much better emotional position in meetings.


That's how you can reduce costs in sales & marketing way before your sales efforts end up in dozens of excuses, why it did not happen this time and will improve in future.


That's what you charge?

The driving factor for better closing rates is your conversion ratio, measured as number initial meetings to engagement letters. But, what do you charge for all the benefits you offer? There are possibly some options available, avoiding price discussions.


Last but not least, hidden decision makers can still kill your sales process without letting you know. That's wy Selling Through and Beyond is the last 20% of sales call, and too often a neglected part.